43″ Touch Table Rental

Our Touch Table Kiosks come with a sleek design and a seamless multi-touch glass surface. Touch table displays are perfect for indoor use and are a great way to interact with larger displays.

Starting at $1,699.00 for weekly rentals
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Our Touch Table Kiosks are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, featuring a seamless multi-touch glass surface that enhances both functionality and visual appeal. Ideal for indoor environments, these touch table displays offer a sophisticated way to interact with larger screens and content.

The sleek design of our Touch Table Kiosks not only complements various interior settings but also invites users to engage with the display in a natural and intuitive manner. The multi-touch capability allows multiple users to interact simultaneously, making it perfect for collaborative activities, presentations, exhibitions, and interactive experiences.

These kiosks serve as versatile tools for businesses, educational institutions, museums, trade shows, and other public spaces where interactive displays are essential for engagement and communication. With their seamless integration into diverse settings and robust multi-touch capabilities, our Touch Table Kiosks redefine how people interact with information and content in shared environments.

Whether used for informational purposes, interactive gaming, collaborative projects, or showcasing multimedia content, our Touch Table Kiosks provide a sophisticated solution that combines practicality with cutting-edge design, catering to the evolving needs of modern interactive experiences.


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40-Point Touch PCAP


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Custom Colors through vinyl wrapping


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