Outdoor Digital Spheres

Introducing our outdoor digital sphere, built to withstand the elements with its weatherproof design, making it ideal for permanent outdoor installations as well as outdoor events and rentals. Its impressive brightness ensures vivid display even in direct sunlight, guaranteeing visibility in any lighting condition. With easy content creation, hard-coated LEDs, and rental availability, Outdoor Digital  Sphere offers both versatility and reliability for captivating outdoor experiences.

outdoor digital spheres

key features

Weather Proof

Bight in Direct

Digital Sphere for outdoor use


Digital LED spheres revolutionize visual experiences with their immersive displays, captivating audiences with
dynamic content and vibrant colors. Their versatile design allows for flexible installation options, whether indoors or outdoors, enhancing any environment with stunning visuals. With energy-efficient LED technology, seamless content management, and customizable configurations, digital LED spheres offer unparalleled versatility and impact for a wide range of applications, from events and advertising to entertainment and art installations.