Touch Foils

Touch Foil technology has transformed the street-level marketing space. It  meets today’s consumers where they are and how they understand. Touch Foils give the user the ability to control a “larger than life” interactive experience at street-level where they can not only experience it themselves but have others watch and learn along with them.


Multi-touch foils have a micro-wire grid pattern in between layers of film. When applied to a non-conductive surface, the foil will pick up touch input through that surface.


Typical applications are a storefront window or a piece of acrylic for display. This gives you the ability to create street-level, interactive retail window displays

Touch Foils on Glass
touch foils for glass

Interact Through Glass
 Turn your glass windows or an acrylic projection screen into an interactive touch screen experience with a touch foil.

Multiple Operating Systems
 We like to give you options when choosing the platform to use with your Touch Foil. Install our drivers for the following operating systems: Windows 7/8/10 or Android and Ubuntu.

Single USB Connection With a single connection to your PC, getting your Touch Foil set up is simple. All you have to do is plug one end of the provided mini USB cable into your PC and the other end into the board on your Touch Foil

Touch Foil Mounting Options We offer an adhesive mounting method and removable mounting for Touch Foils. Adhesive mounting is great for touch tables and kiosks while removable is perfect for retail and storefront projects.

Touch Foil on Real Estate Storefront Window

Add a touch screen to your real estate storefront for 24/7/365 interactivity and service to the public. Integrate aTouch Foil inside your real estate office, right on the glass along with your choice of LCD, LED, High Brightness Monitor or even Rear Projection Film.

This interactive touch screen experience works thru the glass and will provide a unique customer service that will engage potential clients

touch screen glass

Touch Foils with High Brightness Monitors

When using ultra-high brightness monitors(up to7000 nits)you need to consider how to provide touchscreen interaction without the display causing interference. ProFoils have been successfully tested in many applications with High Bright Monitors.