Hush Series


Screen Solutions Hush Enclosures provide protection, cooling, and a low sound output of sub 10dba. The two internal outlets, two internal breakers, an adjustable projector shelf, and the fully insulated unit provide a turnkey system that is perfect for sound-sensitive installations.

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Screen Solutions Hush Enclosures, are carefully engineered to provide comprehensive protection, efficient cooling, and whisper-quiet operation with a low sound output of sub 10dba. These premium enclosures feature two internal outlets and two internal breakers, adding extra functionality to your enclosure. The adjustable projector shelf allows for easy customization to accommodate various projector sizes and models.

The fully insulated construction of these enclosures ensures optimal temperature regulation and noise reduction, creating a tranquil viewing environment for sound-sensitive installations. Whether used in home theaters, conference rooms, or other indoor settings, our hush enclosures offer a turnkey solution to elevate your projection experience.


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