Projection Spheres

Our Projection Sphere systems are designed to be turnkey solutions. When you receive your system, it comes with everything you need to get started quickly and effortlessly as possible. Simply unpack the system, set it up, and you’re ready to go! You’ll also have access to our extensive Earth and Space Science library. You can also easily upload your own content using our user-friendly system.

Interactive Projection Sphere


Projection Spheres not only provide a seamless 360-degree viewing surface but also take interactivity to a whole new level! Whether it’s captivating a single user or engaging an entire audience, this immersive experience leaves viewers with lasting memories

Large Size Range

Our Projection Sphere systems come in a diverse range of sizes, catering to both full systems and individual components for your specific project needs. We provide ten standard sizes, spanning from 16 inches to 80 inches in full rigid spheres. Additionally, we offer projection hemispheres and custom screens

Content Library

Choose from over 156 Data Sets on Earth and Space Science to seamlessly preload your content into your Projection Sphere system. With this feature, setup becomes as straightforward as plugging in and integrating it into your teaching experience.

Your Own Content

Our software platform empowers you with complete control over your images and videos! Our user-friendly system allows you to load images and videos seamlessly, ensuring a perfect wrap on your projection sphere. You can also adjust rotation speed, pause and play, manage playlists, and more.



We love custom projects so
whatever it is you can dream, we’d like to make a reality


Add touch, elevate the sphere experience by adding touch
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we make all of our spheres easy to use with a plug and play set up


Our Projection Sphere systems come turn key with everything you need to just plug and play pre loaded content from our earth and space content library or load your own content or applications for a customized experience