DualView Projection Films

DualView projection film is a specialized type of projection
film that offers a unique feature: It enables the images to be projected on to the same screen which makes it visible on each side. This capability allows for dynamic and engaging visual presentations in both front and rear projection for
ultimate versatility! 

DualView UltraClear Projection Film

Dual-Sided Visibility
Unlike traditional projection films that only allow images to be viewed from one side, DualView projection film enables images to be projected from both the front and back of the screen simultaneously.

Optical Properties
DualView projection film is designed with unique optical properties, ensuring nearly identical images on both sides of the film without any light bleed or hot spotting.

Unlimited Possibilities
DualView Projection films expand the boundaries of projection possibilities. They offer extreme off-angle projection, eliminate light fall-off, and support both front and rear projection in a single film. With these capabilities, you have the freedom to create captivating and innovative projection displays!

Dual view projection film can be used in a wide range of applications, including retail displays, trade show booths, museum exhibits, corporate presentations, and interactive installations. It offers flexibility in creating engaging visual experiences that cater to different viewing scenarios.

DV Accent

DualView Accent Projection Film is a high-performance projection film that delivers ultra-bright images that is compatible with most projectors. This film is a lightly frosted white film which makes it great for any environment with controlled lighting. Adding an anti- glare layer and touch screen capabilities are always available.

DV Definition

DualView Definition Projection Film is a high-contrast and high-definition projection film, which allows you to project high-contrast images in almost any lighting conditions. As with all DualView Films, you have the freedom to view the image from either side, whether it’s front or rear projection

Ultra Clear Anti-Glare

Ultra Clear Anti-Glare Film removes glare from glass, acrylic and other clear surfaces, enhances image brightness and contrast levels, and maintains image quality and uniformity - in a more effective manner than any other film on the market today.

DV Intrigue

DualView Intrigue Film is a semi holographic projection film specifically designed for dualsided use, DualView Intrigue film can be paired with any projector and lens combination to give you a floating image look and feel while optimizing projector brightness and contrast


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