88″ Stretch Touch Table Rental

Experience unparalleled collaboration with our dual 4K monitor, featuring PCAP 40-point touch technology for effortless interaction. With a dazzling 500cd brightness, immerse yourself in vibrant visuals while enjoying an intuitive collaborative experience that redefines productivity. Elevate your workspace to new heights with this cutting-edge display, where teamwork meets innovation

Starting at $8,999.00 for weekly rentals
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Experience unparalleled collaboration with our dual 4K monitor, which boasts advanced PCAP touch technology supporting up to 40 touch points, ensuring effortless interaction for multiple users. Its impressive 500cd/m² brightness enhances visual clarity, enveloping you in vibrant, detailed imagery that brings content to life.

What sets this monitor apart is its unique design optimized for collaborative environments. The innovative shape and functionality foster teamwork and creativity, allowing users to engage seamlessly with the screen and each other. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, conducting presentations, or working on group projects, this display promotes a fluid and intuitive collaborative experience that enhances productivity and innovation.

Elevate your workspace with this cutting-edge display that combines high-resolution visuals with interactive capabilities, setting new standards where teamwork meets innovation.

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40-Point Touch PCAP


i9 Processor/Windows 10 Pro




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