Stretch monitors offer versatile mounting options for kiosks or wall mounts, providing flexibility in various settings. With multiple mounting solutions and full customization capabilities, they seamlessly adapt to diverse needs, enhancing user experience and engagement. These unique sizes are sure to impress with more possibilities. Want a stretch Kiosk? No problem, our monitors are versatile and have multiple mounting options.


Stretch wall Mount monitor


Multiple Mounting Options
Muti-Mounting Options
stretch Screens
Non-Standard Aspect Ratios
Customizable Options
stretch monitor

Stretch Applications

Stretch monitors can be utilized in all sorts of formats such as digital signage, touch table kiosks, wall mounted displays and more. Multi-touch options are available in most sizes, IR in any size.

Content Flexibility

Due to its bar-type format, it is ideally suited for displaying vertical or horizontal objects, offering viewers an unforgettable visual experience.

Stretch Kiosk and Digital Sphere