Rigid Projection Screens

Perfect for home theaters, boardrooms,or large venues, rigid projection screens construction eliminates any hint of distortion, providing a true-to-life visual feast. Elevate your entertainment or presentation to new heights with the precision and elegance of rigid projection screens

Intrigue holographic film

Types of Rigid Screens


Constructed of rigid acrylic and designed with Embedded Optics Technology for unmatched brightnessin uncontrolled indoor lighting conditions. Can be used for convention alin-wall rear projection, framed, or freely suspended by thin wires for eye-catching, open air floating displays

Reflection Front Projection

Screen Solutions Reflection Front-Projection Screen is perfect for home theater screen applications. Unlike traditional fabric screens,the matte white surface of reflection provides truer color representation. No hot-spotting -guaranteed! This front-projection screen will last the lifetime of your installation, willnot sag, warp, fade, or peel.

Definition Rear Projection

SSI’s Definition Rear-Projection Screen isdark grey in color, and has a dual mattesurface which dramatically reduces reflectionissues caused by lighting or windows. Wehave designed the Definition Rear-ProjectionScreen with no films or layers.

Rigid Projection Screens

Bar Projection screen