Touch Tables

Touch tables are versatile tools for interactive experiences, suited for various industries. Our customizable options
include personalized coloring and the choice to upgrade
PC configurations, ensuring optimal performance for any application. From dynamic presentations to collaborative workspaces, our touch tables empower users to engage,
learn, and collaborate effectively.


In-house vinyl wrapping to customize color

All tables come with standard with touch screen glass

PC Upgrades: Available

Titlted Touch Table

Tilted touch tables offer a unique solution for sign-in kiosks and interactive displays in museums. With their angled design, they provide ergonomic comfort for users while facilitating effortless interaction with displayed content. Ideal for enhancing visitor engagement, these tables enable seamless exploration of exhibits and multimedia presentations

Integerator Touch Table

Our Touch Screen Tables feature state-of-the-art multi-touch technology housed within sleek and versatile designs. Designed for use in any environment, these tables boast vandal-resistant features and an integrated cooling system, guaranteeing durability and reliability.Fur thermore, customization options ensure that they seamlessly adapt to your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences

Articulating Touch Table

Originally crafted for military, articulating touch tables now excel in corporate presentations and team collaborations. Their durable design and adjustable features cater to various presentation styles, enhancing group productivity and engagement. Ideal for dynamic meetings and interactive training sessions, these tables opitomize versatility and efficiency in modern workspaces

Stretch Kiosk

Stretch Touch Table

Our 37 ”Stretch Kiosks come with a sleek design and a seamless multi touch glass sur face. With 700nits of brightness, this display is perfect for indoor use and is a great way to interact with larger displays. These non standard displays are a unique way to view content and draw attention