Rear Projection Films

Rear Projection Films apply to clear surfaces providing you Digital Signage practically anywhere! We have been providing Rear Projection Films for over a decade and offer 8 different projection film options covering all installation types!

Rear Projection Films

Transparency: We offer eight different films ranging from the same transparency as glass to black with different colors and projection surfaces covering all installation types

Projection Quality: All of our projection films are manufactured to the highest quality and specifications, from rear projection to dual sided projection films 

Viewing Angle: Wide viewing angles are a standard part of every film we produce, while our DualView line is specifically made for off axis and UST Projection  

Installation: Rear projection film can be easily installed on a transparent surface, such as glass or acrylic. ll of our projection films applyh in a wet applicatio like window tint 

Applications: Rear projection film is commonly used in various settings such as retail displays, digital signage, trade shows, museum exhibits, corporate presentations, and home theater systems.


Accent Rear Projection Film is a ultra bright projection film, giving you bright vivid images from any projector and lens type; from short throw to long throw lenses


Definition Rear Projection Film is a high-contrast, light rejecting film for use in high ambient light conditions 
 and storefront applications in direct sunlight

Definition Pro

Definition Pro Rear-Projection Film is a black film that produces ultra-high contrast rear-projection material. Not only are viewing angles not affected by this added contrast, but we also have higher ambient light rejection 
 from the front and rear of the film.


Intrigue Rear-Projection Film is a clear, holographic projection film that is ±96% colorless or transparent. When combined with a standard projector, Intrigue produces a holographic, 3D, or floating image effect on any glass or acrylic surface.


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