Touch Screens

If you’re seeking to enhance interactivity in your display Screen Solutions touch screens offer an ideal solution. Our range includes:


Touch Frames: These seamlessly transform existing displays into interactive touch screens, allowing users to engage directly with content.


Touch Foils: Applied to glass or acrylic surfaces, touch foils create touch-sensitive areas, enabling intuitive interactions.
Built-in Touch


Displays: Our integrated touchscreens come ready to use, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics

Touch Frames

Screen Solutions Touch Frame Overlays instantly transform nearly any display into a full multi-touch experience. These touch frame systems directly adhere to the face of existing flat panel displays, seamlessly enabling multi-touch interactions. Plus, they come in 10, 20, 40 and 40+ touch options and can accommodate displays up to 10’ x 30’.

Common Applications

  • Tradeshow  TV
  • Studio Set
  • Business Lobby Displays
  • Video Wall
  • Conference Rooms
  • ArcadeGames

Touch Foils

InteractiveMulti Touch Foils support 10 to 40simultaneous touches, providing an impressive range for various interactive projects. Our POFoils offer exceptional accuracy, leveraging cutting-edge touch foil technology.

Common Applications

  • Storefront WIndow Display
  • Tradeshow Display
  • Table-top-touch Screen
  • Retail POP
  • Kiosks
  • Video Walls
Integrator Display

Integrator Touch Monitor Series

Our 4K TouchMonitors feature sleek glass touch surfaces, straightforward inputs/outputs, versatile mounting options, and a wide array of sizes all seamlessly integrated into a cohesive design.

Common Applications

  • Wall mount
  • Kiosks
  • Tables
  • Retail 
  • Point of Purchase
  • Museums