Ultra Short Throw Integrator



The UST Integrator, commonly referred to as an ultra-short throw projector enclosure, is perfect for most Ultra Short Throw projectors. Equipped with an interior mounting shelf, breaker, outlet, and exterior power and AV pass-through, these fan-cooled enclosures make it simple to protect your projector investment while ensuring efficient operation and connectivity.
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Your ultimate solution for safeguarding and optimizing the performance of ultra-short throw projectors. Engineered to cater specifically to the needs of ultra-short throw projector setups, this enclosure offers unparalleled protection and functionality. Designed with precision, the UST Integrator features an interior mounting shelf tailored to accommodate most ultra-short throw projectors seamlessly. This ensures secure and stable placement, allowing you to maximize your projector’s performance without any worries. Equipped with a built-in breaker and outlet, the UST Integrator simplifies the installation process, providing convenient power connectivity within the enclosure itself. Additionally, with exterior power and AV pass-throughs, connecting your projector to external devices or power sources is effortless, ensuring seamless integration into your setup. Whether you’re setting up a home theater, a classroom, or a corporate boardroom, the UST Integrator offers a reliable and comprehensive solution to protect your ultra-short throw projector investment. With its robust construction, user-friendly features, and compatibility with a wide range of projectors, it’s the perfect choice to elevate your projection experience to new heights.

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