Film Application Guides

Download our film application guides to follow step by step instructions on how to correctly apply your projection film.

If you have Ultra Clear Application film please
click the Ultra Clear Application guide.

Application Guides

  • DualView Film
  • Rear Projection Film
  • Standard Anti-Glare

Application Guides

  • Ultra-Clear Anti-Glare

Screen Solutions Films

Screen Solutions Films can be installed as DIY (Do It Yourself) products. However, if you are going to install your film yourself, we want to be sure you have every opportunity for a successful installation. Below is a list of helpful hints that will get you started and aid you in your success.

*To avoid a faulty installation process, only install film between temperatures of 70°F – 98°F (21.1°C – 36.7°C).


It is best to have everything you need together at one time so that the Film application process can be completed from start to finish in a minimal amount of time. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly to reduce the risk of particulate contamination on both the glass and film while in between steps.

Items You'll Need

• Paper Towels

• Window Cleaner

• SSI Anti-Glare Film

• SSI Application Fluid

• SSI Squeegee

• Measuring Tape

• Dark Marker or Pen

• Masking Tape

Projection Film Application Kit

Application Video