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Projector Cages: The ultimate solution for protecting your projector investment from vandalism, theft, and recreational damage. These versatile enclosures can be easily installed with existing mounts or our provided internal mounts, offering hassle-free security for your projector without the need for additional cooling or environmental protection.

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Looking to secure your projector investment without the need for additional cooling, filtration, or environmental protection? Then Projector Cages, also known as projector enclosures or projector covers, are the perfect solution for you! These versatile cages can be used with existing mounts or with our provided internal mounts and are typically installed hanging from a 1.5” pipe. Projector cages offer comprehensive protection from vandalism, theft, and recreational damage, ensuring the safety and security of your projector in any environment. But that’s not all – our lift systems are designed to complement our projector enclosures, integrator series, and hush enclosures seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for discreet protection with our incognito panels that blend in with your ceiling tiles or comprehensive sound-sensitive solutions with our hush enclosures, our lift systems are the perfect complement to enhance your projection experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and hello to effortless integration with our projector lifts and enclosure systems.


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