Projector Enclosures

Screen Solutions Projector Enclosures are made for any environment. Whether its outdoor needing a Climate Controlled System, or indoor fan-cooled, we have you covered with any projector and in any environment. We manufacturer and design Standard Enclosure’s and Custom Enclosures. Our Standard line includes our Defender (climate controlled), Integrator (fan-cooled), Hush Line (for noise sensitive installs), UST Enclosure’s, and more.

Outdoor projector enclosure installs

What We Offer

We offer Projector Enclosures for practically every application and environment, from Indoor projector cages and Hush Enclosures to our Integrator outdoor fan cooled enclosures and fully climate controlled Defender Enclosures.

We also offer indoor and outdoor Ultra Short Throw projector cages, fan cooled and climate controlled enclosures all as standard products.

All of our enclosures come turn key, self contained and ready to install! Internal outlets, breakers, waterproof AV pass through and top and bottom units are all just a part of our standard features with every projector enclosure model!

If you don’t see a standard enclosure that fits your project, just let us know and we can make a projector enclosure for your specific application or project needs!

Indoor Projector Enclosures

hush enclosure for projectors


  •  Great For Indoors: Output Sound of sub 10db
  • Thermostatic Fan Cooling
  • Dual Breaker
  • Dual Outlet
  • Weatherproof 
Projector Cages


  •  Offers Protection without Cooling Operating Elements
  • Typical installs: Gymnasiums, Schools and club
  • Standard lifts: Pedestal, Lift,Shelf, Ceiling
Fan Cooled Enclosure


  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Fan Cooled
  • Vandal Resistant Locks
  • Large Projection Window
  • Weatherproof 

Outdoor Projection Enclosures

outdoor projector


  • Great for projects of 5,000 to 50,000 Lumen
  • Fully climate controlled
  • Closed loop sealed Enclosur
  • Adjustable interior shelves
  • Weatherproo­f
  • Dual Breakers
Outdoor Climate Controlled Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure

Ultra-Short Throw DEFENDER

  • Great for projects to 5000-50,000 Lumen
  • Adjustable Shelf
  • Weatherproo­f
  • Dual Breakers
  • Lock
  • Outlets & Thermostat
  • Wide ranges of sizes
Fan Cooled Ultrashort throw enclosure

Ultra-short throw Integrator

  • Air filter intake
  • Fan Coolings
  • Internal Outlets
  • Heater(optional)
  • Interior mountings
  • Exterior Power & Av