SPHERE Displays

The world of spheres is rapidly expanding, and we have been at the forefront of this technology since 2016. Within this world, we offer two types of spheres – Digital Spheres and Projection Spheres, each with their own unique features, benefits and capabilities  

Digital Spheres

Digital Spheres are the newest evolution of spherical displays. They work in any ambient lighting and are incredibly easy to set up and create content for. With these features, Digital Spheres are the go-to product for anyone looking for a spherical display.


We are the industry leaders in Digital Sphere displays, and we make the entire process as simple as possible – from ordering to installation, we’ve got you covered! Each Digital Sphere comes as a complete package, with everything you need to set up and start using it. We provide a floor stand with each sphere, as well as an internal hoist point that gives you the option to hang your sphere if needed. Additionally, each sphere comes with an image processor that makes content creation simple. The processor has multiple inputs for your content sources and instantly wraps the content to fit your digital sphere!

Projection Spheres

Projection Spheres are offered with a single projector in the base of the display, although you can suspend the spherical globe in the air most are mounted right side up on the floor. Each sphere is made of a diffusion acrylic material designed to accept and present the projected light on to the globe itself. Our spheres are seamless and not made by joined hemispheres together providing the ultimate in projection sphere viewing. The special spherical projection lens is designed for the purpose of providing standard projectors the ability to project onto a sphere from the inside.

Digital Sphere

Digital HemiSpheres

Outdoor Spheres

Projection Spheres