7′ Outdoor Digital Spheres


Our 7′ Outdoor Digital Spheres are fully weatherproof thanks to the hardcoated panels and weatherproof electrical. Outdoor Digital Spheres are a great way to add visiual instrest to your exhibit or space. These LED Hemispheres require no ambient lighting making them great for shining in outdoor direct sunlight, are easy to create content for and are simple to set up. All of our Outdoor Digital Sphere comes in resolution of P4 and P5 Please refer to the information about pixel pitch to determine which resolution is best suited for you. For more information or to purchase one of our Spheres Please call our office at 888-631-5880.

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Outdoor LED Digital Spheres are revolutionary for the fact that they do not require any ambient lighting and content creation is easy. With Digital Spheres your content will not only shine bright in direct sunlight but it is also weatherproof. Outdoor Digital Spheres sizes 4′-6′ ship fully assembled which means its as easy as plug and play. Every Sphere comes with the appropriate Cat5 cords, as well as additional replacement panels, bolts and screws, and power cords. Your sphere comes with mounting options of either a floor stand or a top hoist point to hang it from the ceiling. If you don’t see the size or resolution you’d like please call our office to discuss additional options.



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