Projector Lifts & Cages

Projector Lifts and Cages offer smart solutions for concealing projectors based on your specific needs. If you prefer your projector to descend from the ceiling or rise up from the floor, lifts provide a discreet way to achieve this. When not in use, the projector remains hidden, maintaining a clean and uncluttered space. On the other hand, cages are ideal for locations like gymnasiums. They protect projectors from accidental damage without the need to shield them from outdoor elements. These sturdy enclosures ensure projector safety while allowing easy access for maintenance or adjustments. Whether it’s seamless integration or robust protection, lifts and cages enhance projector functionality while maintaining aesthetics and safety.

Projector Lift


Hydrolic lift

Incoognitio Panels

Projector Cage

Projection Lifts and cages

Projection Lift

Our projector lifts come ready to install, with integrated HDMI and Power that travels with the lift, RS485 control, and a remote. Our lift systems also integrate perfectly with our projector enclosures, integrator series and hush enclosures.

Projection Cage

Looking to secure your projector without any additional cooling, filtration, or environmental protection? Then projector cages are a great solution for you! Projector cages can be used with existing mounts, or with our provided internal mounts and are typically installed hanging from 1.5” pipe. Projector cages 
offer protection from vandalism, theft, 
and recreational damage.