Projector Enclosure Rentals

Need a Projector enclosure to protect your projectors for an event? Then renting an enclosure might be the best option for you. We keep a rental inventory in stock of the following enclosures:

• Defenders (Climate Controlled)
• Integrator (Fan Cooled)
• Hush Enclosure
• Ultra Short Throw Defenders (Climate Controlled)
• Ultra Short Throw Integrator (Fan Cooled)

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Outdoor projector enclosure installs

Projectors For Rental

We offer both short and long term rentals for all standard sizes of both indoor and outdoor projector enclosures, as well fan cooled and fully climate controlled enclosures

hush enclosure for projectors


Fan Cooled Enclosure


Outdoor Climate Controlled Ultra Short Throw Projector Enclosure

Ultra-Short Throw DEFENDER

Fan Cooled Ultrashort throw enclosure

Ultra-short throw Integrator

outdoor projector


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