Rear Projection Definition Film



Definition films add contract, rejects ambient light and can be used in direct sunlight. (this to be used on all rear projection and dualview pages in the short description area): Screen Solutions projection films are sold by the linear foor. One foot at a time by the roll widtch, which is 60″ (5′). eample: quantity 1 would be 1’x5′ of film. For custom cuts please contact us

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Definition Rear Projection Film, offering clear, vivid images for rear projection setups. It sticks to any clear surface like glass or Plexiglas, giving you a modern floating display. It works well in different lighting and with most projectors. Just stick it on and start using it. When paired with anti-glare film, you can even use it in bright light or direct sunlight. This combo is the best rear projection system you can get today, giving you amazing visuals anywhere.


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