Rear Projection Accent Film



Accent film is a high brightness film, best used in light controlled environments or dusk till dawn in window displays. (this to be used on all rear projection and dualview pages in the short description area): Screen Solutions projection films are sold by the linear foor. One foot at a time by the roll widtch, which is 60″ (5′). eample: quantity 1 would be 1’x5′ of film. For custom cuts please contact u

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Introducing Accent Rear Projection Film, an exceptional choice for ultra-bright rear projection needs. Compatible with most projectors, it delivers stunning, high-definition images without the need for a specific projection angle. Its versatility extends to various environments, making it compatible with most makes and models of projectors. Ideal for light-controlled environments, Accent Film also offers compatibility with tinted glass settings. Its frosted-white color seamlessly integrates with architectural and privacy films, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic. Experience unparalleled brightness and clarity with Accent Rear Projection Film, enhancing your visual presentations in any setting.


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