Dual View Definition Film



DualView UltraClear Film is the same transparency as glass giving you true floating images and is perfect ultra short throw projectors,off axis projection and front or rear projection capable. (this is to be used onall rear projection and dualview pages in the short description area): Screen Solutions projection films are sold by the linear foot. one foot at a time by the roll width, which is 60″(5′). Example: quantity 1 would be 1’x5′ of film. For custom cuts please contact us.

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DualView Ultra Clear Projection Film is the perfect product for projects that need to truly captivate. The highly transparent design features of the Ultra Clear projection film are compatible with standard projectors and require no specific projection angle. DualView Ultra Clear Projection Film can be used for both rear and front projection installations. It is the same transparency as glass so that your image will appear to be truly floating. Pulling the release layer off the back of your film exposes the built-in, hi-tac adhesives that will keep it attached to your glass or acrylic surface for years to come


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