Dual View Intrigue Film



DualView Intrigue Film gives you all the benefits of our standard Intrigue film while being able to use ultra short throw projectors and off axis projection and front or rear projection capable. (this to be used on all rear projection dualview pages in the short description area): Screen Solutions projection films are sold by the linear foor. One foot at a time by the roll widtch, which is 60″ (5′). eample: quantity 1 would be 1’x5′ of film. For custom cuts please contact us.

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DualView Intrigue Film is a semi-holographic projection film crafted for dual-sided use and extreme projection angles, catering to both front and rear projection applications. Compatible with any projector and lens combination, it creates a captivating floating image effect while maximizing projector brightness and contrast. Experience the mesmerizing visual impact of DualView Intrigue Film, elevating your projection displays to new heights.


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