Stretch Monitors


Stretch monitors offer versatile mounting options for kiosks or wall mounts, providing flexibility in various settings. With multiple mounting solutions and full customization capabilities, they seamlessly adapt to diverse needs, enhancing user experience and engagement. All stretch Monitors have the option for touch capabilities.
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Stretch Monitors provide a sleek and space-efficient display solution, ideal for maximizing productivity in various settings. With versatile touchscreen capabilities, a wide range of sizes, and flexible mounting options, these monitors cater to diverse user needs, offering seamless integration into any workspace or interactive environment.


19.5", 24", 28.1", 28.6", 34", 36.2", 36.8", 37.6", 38.5", 43" FHD, 43" 4k, 43.9" FHD, 43.9" 4k, 48.8" FHD, 48.8" 4k, 49.5" FHD, 49.5" 4k, 58.4", 65", 69", 70", 70" Touch, 75", 75" PCAP, 75" IR Touch, 80", 86", 88"


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