Rear Projection Definition Pro Film



Definition Pro films rejects ambient light and adds a ton of contrast, it can be used in direct sunlight but does require 20% more lumens then Definition Film. (this to be used on all rear projection and dualview pages in the short description area): Screen Solutions projection films are sold by the linear foor. One foot at a time by the roll widtch, which is 60″ (5′). eample: quantity 1 would be 1’x5′ of film. For custom cuts please contact us.

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Definition Pro Rear Projection Film delivers stunning HD images with exceptional depth and wider viewing angles compared to other films. It represents the latest advancement in rear projection technology. With enhanced contrast properties, Definition Pro ensures rich color representation on screen while effectively blocking ambient light from both sides of the film. This feature ensures your images stand out even in uncontrolled lighting environments. You can purchase Definition Pro Rear Projection Film in standard 16:9 aspect ratio, either by the cut size or by the roll, providing you with flexibility to suit your specific needs. Elevate your visual experiences with Definition Pro, the pinnacle of rear projection film technology.


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