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Experience seamless interaction with our Tilted Touch Table, featuring advanced PCAP touchscreen technology and a versatile tiltable design. Powered by an Intel i5 processor, it ensures lightning-fast performance for all your computing needs. Complete with a built-in webcam and integrated speakers, it’s perfect for immersive multimedia experiences and seamless virtual collaboration.

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“This sleek and modern table boasts a revolutionary PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touchscreen technology, delivering unparalleled responsiveness and precision to your fingertips. With its tiltable design, finding your perfect viewing angle has never been easier, ensuring optimal comfort and usability for every user.

Equipped with a powerful Intel i5 processor, this touch table offers lightning-fast performance, effortlessly handling all your computing needs with ease. Whether you’re browsing the web, running applications, or engaging in multimedia activities, the i5 processor ensures smooth and seamless operation.

Capture every moment in stunning clarity with the built-in webcam, perfect for video conferencing, virtual meetings, or capturing memorable snapshots. Plus, immerse yourself in rich, immersive sound with the integrated speakers, elevating your multimedia experience to new heights.

Ideal for both professional and personal use, our Tilted Touch Table redefines the way you interact with technology, providing an intuitive and immersive computing experience like never before. Experience the future of touchscreen technology with our innovative Tilted Touch Table today.”


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