Multi-Touch Overlays

Multi-Touch overlays have transformed the interactive display market forever, from large scale custom multi-touch overlays to standard sizes to make any TV a Touch TV. Screen Solutions has been providing multi-touch solutions in standard and custom configurations for over a decade 

Large Multi-Touch Overlay

Multi-touch Overlays are Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Multi-Touch Overlay technology is connected to the computer with a standard USB cable. Once you have installed the touch screen overlay on your display, connect the touch screen to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Overlays are available in standard and widescreen sizes from 30″′ up to over 200′′ diagonal. Custom-size multi-touch overlays are available upon request for single or multiple-screen displays. 

Multi-Touch overlay


Custom and large-scale non-standard multi-touch overlays are where we do some of our best work in the interactive displays space, 6×10 8×15 and even larger are standard products for us, we overlay LED video walls, rear projection film displays, touch tables, and interactive trade-show displays screens frequently. We enjoy the process of seeing how we can accommodate customer’s needs but also pushing the limits of our multi-touch overlays and creating unique and one-of-a-kind displays with our customers

Screen Solutions Multi Touch Overlays give you the ability to turn almost any display into a full multi touch experience. Our Multi-Touch overlay systems apply directly to the face of existing flat panel displays and can accommodate displays up to 10’ x 30’ with a seamless multi touch experience.

Large Projection Multi-Touch Overlay Frame


Screen Solutions offers design services in-house, if you have a custom or special requirement or just want to see what’s possible we’re here to help and take your idea from concept to production. Clients have sent napkin sketches of concept ideas for us to take that idea or rough sketch to a specific designed fully integrated interactive display that meets the requirement.