Projection Film Options

At Screen Solutions International, we specialize in providing a diverse selection of Projection Films tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require Rear Projection Films, DualView Films enabling projection on both sides of the glass, or Anti-Glare Films to mitigate unwanted glare on your displays, we’ve got you covered.
Rear Projection Films

Rear Projection Films

Rear Projection Film is made to be applied to clean surfaces, giving you instant digital signage, art displays, home theater, and more! We make four different rear projection films that cover every installation type!

DualView Projection Films

Dual View Projection Films are specifically made for Ultra Short Throw and off-axis projection and it gives you the choice of front projection, rear projection, or Dual-sided projection! We have four different DualView Films to choose from, from fully transparent holographic films to high-contrast films we have a projection film for every project and projector type! 

Anti Glare film for displays

Anti-Glare Films

Anti-Glare Film is a remarkable solution for minimizing glare on glass or acrylic displays, enhancing the visibility of showcased images and reducing glare from both ambient light and direct sunlight.