Landscape Dual-Sided Climate-Controlled Kiosk


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our Landscape Dual-Sided Kiosk, designed to enhance customer engagement. With dual-sided functionality and auto-adjusting High Bright displays, it ensures clear visibility in any outdoor setting, even in direct sunlight. Its climate-controlled design makes it perfect for humid and tropical conditions. Easy installation with included mounting hardware makes deployment seamless. Whether for wayfinding or advertising, this kiosk offers unmatched versatility, elevating the customer experience.

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Standard Specification : 
3000 nits, Camera, Speakers, Full HD,Interactive, i5

Introducing our Landscape Dual-Sided Kiosk, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate customer engagement and satisfaction. With dual-sided functionality, customers can interact with the kiosk from multiple angles, maximizing accessibility and convenience. Our kiosk features auto-adjusting High Bright displays, ensuring clear visibility even in direct sunlight, making it perfect for any outdoor environment. Additionally, its climate-controlled design makes it resilient against humidity and tropical conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance year-round. Installation is effortless with the included mounting hardware, allowing businesses to deploy this dynamic solution quickly and seamlessly. Whether used for wayfinding, advertising, or interactive experiences, our Landscape Dual-Sided Kiosk offers unparalleled versatility and functionality, enhancing the overall customer experience.


43, 49, 55


Full HD


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