Dual-Sided Metal Body Kiosk

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Lead Time:- 8-10 weeks

Our dual-sided metal indoor kiosk is perfect for high-traffic interior spaces, allowing marketing on both sides. With independent operation for each side in touch screen mode or unified control in digital signage setups, it offers seamless interaction and robust durability for enhanced engagement.

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Standard Specification :-
PCAP, Webcam, Speakers, i5

Our dual-sided metal-bodied indoor kiosk is an excellent choice for high-traffic interior spaces. With dual screens, you can effectively market on both sides of the kiosk. In touch screen applications, each side operates independently with its own computer, ensuring seamless interaction. Alternatively, in digital signage-only setups, both sides can be controlled from a single PC or controller. Featuring advanced touch screen technology and robust metal construction, these kiosks offer a professional solution for enhancing engagement and visibility in any indoor environment.


32, 43, 49


Full HD, 4K


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