Digital Hemispehre

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Digital Video Spheres are the evolution of spherical displays, with no ambient lighting requirements, easy content creation and simple set up make Digital Spheres the go to product for spherical displays

SKU : DVS-32-P25-1-1-1-1 Category :

Digital Video Spheres, also known as LED Spheres, represent the cutting edge in spherical displays, offering unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. With no ambient lighting requirements, effortless content creation, and simple setup, Digital Spheres are the top choice for spherical displays.

As leaders in LED Sphere displays, we ensure a seamless experience from ordering to installation. Each Digital Sphere comes as a complete package, including a floor stand and an internal hoist point for hanging if required. Additionally, our image processor simplifies content creation, with multiple inputs for your content sources and instant wrapping to your digital sphere. Experience the future of spherical displays with Digital Video Spheres.


32" 0.8m, 39" 1m, 4' 1.23m, 5' 1.52m, 6' 1.82m


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