LED Panels

Touch Foil technology has transformed the street-level marketing space. It  meets today’s consumers where they are and how they understand. Touch Foils give the customer/ consumer the ability to control a “larger than life” interactive experience at street-level where they can not only experience it themselves but have others watch and learn along with them.

Multi-touch foils have a micro-wire grid pattern in between layers of film.  When applied to a non-conductive surface, the foil will pick up touch input through that surface. Typical applications are a storefront window or a piece of acrylic for display. This gives you the ability to create street-level, interactive retail window displays.

Custom Shapes

Our expertise spans both flexible and rigid LED panels,allowing us to tailor not only the ideal pitch for your projectbut also seamlessly integrate it with virtually any design,shape, or structural configuration.

Areas we Specialize In:


Our Digital Spheres serve as high definition on spherical canvases, ideal for comprehensive situational awareness,educational purposes, marketing and more. Sizes: Ourstandard sizes range from24inches to 10feet. Each size isavailable in a diverse range of resolutions, making themsuitable for virtually any project.

Hard Coated LED:All new Digital Spheres manufactured by Screen Solutions International feature a hard-coated design.This specialized LED technology offers numerous benefits,including exceptional durability, long lifespan, and maximum brightness

Pixel Pitch

Our Digital Spheres come with a resolutionranging from P1.5 to P3. The pixel pitch yourequire will depend on several factors.Generally, a smaller pixel pitch results in aclearer image. When choosing a sphere,consider its size, the content you intend todisplay, and the viewing distance for youraudience.


Our creative team collaborates with you to explore the full potential of Direct View LED (DV LED) systems. These systems stand out from conventional displays due to their exceptional features, including: Luminosity and Clarity:With superior brightness and contrast levels, DV LED’sexcel in both outdoor settings and areas with intense lighting. Visual Range: The expansive viewing angles of DVLED’s maintain image integrity from multiple vantage points. Custom Configuration: The modular nature of DVLED panels allows for the creation of displays in various dimensions and forms, tailored to specific design needs.Power Efficiency: DV LED’s are designed for lower power consumption compared to traditional LCD’s, offering long-term energy savings. Unified Display: The bezel-lessdesign of DV LED’s facilitates a continuous visual experience, perfect for expansive and enveloping displays.