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Projector Enclosure Box

Projector Enclosures / Maximize projector lifespan

Projector Enclosure - stainless steel projector enclosureProjector Enclosures Maximize your projector's life span!

  • Keep your projector from overheating
  • Filter and cool the ambient air
  • Putting projectors in a harsh environment
  • Protect a projector from damaging elements like Cigarette Smoke, Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, Rain, Snow, Dust, Humidity, etc.
  • Get more hours our of your projector bulb

To help you solve any of the situations above; get started below.

Buy Projector Enclosures

Options Galore

Screen Solutions provides three standard size enclosures for quick off the shelf shipping that fit all standard projector sizes. We also provide you with custom enclosures and provide the following options

  • Stainless steel, Aluminum or ABS enclosures 
  • projector enclosure - ssidisplaysABS enclosures in white or black
  • Air conditioned units
  • Heaters
  • Weatherproof 
  • Waterproof 
  • Nema rated 
  • Vandal resistant / Locking
  • Sound baffled units
  • Indoor Projector Enclosures
  • Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Did you know?

Environmental Projector Enclosures protect your projector in otherwise damaging environments, including dust, smoke, heat, cold, moisture, etc. Your new projector enclosure will extend bulb life many times beyond published ratings. Our system lowers the overall operating temperature which preserves and protects your bulb and electrical components from potentially damaging environments.

By protecting your projector investment with a Projector Enclosure, you will extend its life and significantly lower your maintenance costs.

Providing projector enclosure's for any projector and any environment; if you need an enclosure for:
Indoors, Outdoor Projectors, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Food and Beverage, Air Conditioned, Heated, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, ABS etc. you have come to the right place.

SSI can create a custom projector enclosure tailored to your projector, specific needs and or requirements; conforming to even the most rigorous NEMA Standards and we can meet or exceed your expectations each time your project calls for a projector enclosure.


If you would like to contact us please feel free to do so at anytime. You can reach by phone at (888) 631-5880 or you can email anytime to or visit our website for other projection products


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