The Accent Rigid Rear Projection Screen from Screen Solutions International

The Accent screen line is known for its ultra bright eye catching displays

Accent screens are a everyday use screen for practically every application and setting. Accent comes in large seamless sizes up to 142" and can be tiled to make larger displays with ease

With greater viewing angles, no films or layers and the ability to be cut, curved, shaped or formed, 

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The Accent screen by Screen Solutions is best suited for light controlled environments where the brightest images possible are needed. The Accent rear projection screen comes in large seamless sizes and because it is made with no films or layers, it is ideally suited for forming and shaping the screen to make eye-catching and unique projection displays.

Download Accent Tech Specs Sheet

Technical Specifications

Peak-Gain 5
Horizontal Half-Gain Value +/- 36°
Vertical Half-Gain Value +/- 36°
Viewing-cone 175°
Screen Color Frosted White
Contrast No Added Contrast
Transmission of Light 75%
Thickness, standard 3 mm (1.125")
Maximum Size 80" x 120"
Screen Finishes Matte/Matte
Custom sizes available  

Standard Screen Sizes

Screen Size
4:3 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
16:9 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
35” 21 x 28 30.5 x 17.2
50” 40 x 30 43.6 x 24.5
67” 53.6 x 40.2 58.4 x 32.8
84” 67.2 x 50.4 73.2 x 41.2
100” 80 x 60 87.2 x 49.0
120” 96 x 72 104.6 x 58.8
133" 106.4 x 79.8 115.9 x 65.2
138" - 120.0 x 67.7

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-792-6104 for details.

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