Intrigue Holographic Projection film from Screen Solutions

Intrigue Film:

Clear Holographic Projection

Intrigue adhesive rear projection film is colorless or transparent and gives a holographic and floating image effect on any glass or acrylic surface with a simple and effective application process. Intrigue maintains wide viewing angles and impressively bright images while giving a next generation look and feel to any content.

Floating Image

Intrigue's revolutionary design features allow for standard projectors and content to be displayed on clear/transparent surfaces providing floating images and a holographic display. Standard aspect ratios include 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10, custom aspect ratios and sizes available upon request.


Intrigue gives you freedom to design and install, with no specific projection angle required and the ability to work with off the shelf projectors, Intrigue provides freedom in creating the next generation of displays.

Total Flexibility

Intrigue can be applied to any glass or acrylic surface with our built in adhesives and comes in seamless sizes up to 122” 16:9. Intrigue rear projection film provides designers, dreamers and integrators the ability to create the displays of tomorrow... Today. For more infomaiton on Intrigue rear projection film please CLICK HERE

The Intrigue projection film is being used in tradeshows for futuristic displays, drawing attention that may otherwise pass by. What's more, these projection films go hand-in-hand with today’s latest touch screen technology.

Download Tech Specs Sheet

Technical Specifications

Screen Color Clear
Transmission of light 92%
Max Viewing Angle* 175˚
Maximum Size (Seamless) 122” (16:9) 60”x 106.7
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.*

Standard Screen Sizes

Screen Size
4:3 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
16:9 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
35” 21 x 28 30.5 x 17.2
50” 40 x 30 43.6 x 24.5
67” 53.6 x 40.2 58.4 x 32.8
84” 67.2 x 50.4 73.2 x 41.2
100” 80 x 60 87.2 x 49.0
120” - 104.6 x 58.8
122” - 60 x 106.7

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-792-6104 for details.

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