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Definition Rear Projection Film

Definition Rear Projection Film

Ultra bright, extremely versatile rear projection film for windows and displays.

Rear Projection Film, White

Accent Rear Projection Film

Ultra bright, extremely versatile rear projection film for windows and displays.

Holographic Rear Projection Film, Intrigue

Intrigue Rear Projection Film

Transparent and holographic rear projection film with easy application to glass and acrylic.

Reflection acrylic front projection screen

Anti-Glare Film

Make your rear projection film displays be seen, remove glare and increase brightness of projected or TV displays in your windows.



Choose your color of rear projection film below, once you get to PayPal you can choose how many feet of rear projection film you would like to purchase. Each foot that you order will be shipped as 60 inches x 1foot, if you order 10 feet of rear projection film you will receive 60 inches by 10 feet.

Most rear projection film orders ship same day, call us Toll Free with questions. 888-631-5880

Rear Projection Film is a highly sophisticated paper thin projection screen material for video on glass applications, we have intricately compressed our rigid projection screen technology down into this amazing digital video on glass display film. It is best described as a window tint like material with water activated adhesive that can be applied to any clear and even tinted glass or acrylic surfaces, transforming even the most standard storefront or retail windows into animated digital displays.

This video on glass rear projection film comes in a variety of colors all with unique characteristics and performance benefits; Dark or Definition rear projection film is designed to add contrast and depth to your images it can also be used in direct sunlight applications on storefronts and retail displays. White or Accent rear projection film is an Clear Rear Projection Film on Glass with Touch Screenimpressive screen that can handle most any extreme application it is presented with. This rear projection film screen has been used in some of the biggest names in retail including Estée Lauder, Bare Escentuals and many more to create stunning and unique digital signage displays that captivate, inspire and engage perspective buyers; this is a condensed version of our Accent rigid screen. Clear and Transparent Intrigue Film is just as it is described intriguing – this projection film has been used in many high end retail chains such as De Beers Jewelry Stores and Microsoft Stores to create one of a kind award winning video on glass displays that are sure to stop and attract potential buyers; this rear projection film screen is of similar technology to our Intrigue rigid rear projection screen yet paper thin.

SSI Adhesive Rear Projection Films are stocked on 60” wide rolls and 33’ in length giving you 122” seamless widescreen displays.

Interactive options are available and can be incorporated into any application utilizing rear projection films; simply apply a thin glass touch screen film to your substrate and then apply your projection film onto the touch film. This thru glass touch screen solution in conjunction with rear projection screen technology can transform any storefront into an interactive digital display in a matter of an hour or so; sizes available up to 116” widescreen.

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Infrared IR Bezels for use with Rear Projection Films

Interactive Infrared IR Bezel with Rear Projection FilmRetrofitting a standard LCD Flat Panel TV or Rear Projection Film Screen into an IR Interactive Touch Screen is simple when you use an Infrared IR Bezel. Simply overlay or place the bezel right over the top of your rear projection film video on glass display.  From the time you open your new touch screen box when it arrives at your door it will only take a few minutes before you are ready to start touching your rear projection film display and interacting with the content that it is presented.

Thru Glass Touch Screens for use with Rear Projection Films

Imagine a flexible glass touch screen that can be made to any size between 30’’ and 116’’ and attached to any non-metallic surface. Screen Solutions offers the Interactive Foils to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing as well as information and technical support.

rear projection film touch screen - thu-glass touch foilInteractive Touch Foils are simple to integrate glass touch screen technology with rear projection film video on glass, offering a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, Rear Projection Film, Tabletop, thru window glass touch screen, and kiosks, and with the level of the product’s flexibility, the range of glass rear projection film touch screen interactive applications is only limited by your imagination.

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