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Electric Privacy Glass

Electric Glass / Privacy Glass from Screen Solutions

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Electric Privacy glassScreen Solutions Electric glass

Screen Solutions offers UL listed Electric Privacy Glass, Our Electric glass switches on demand  from frosted to clear and remains that way until you choose to change it.

The Many Benefits of Electric Switchable Glass

  • Privacy
  • UV protection (99% when frosted)
  • Energy savings
  • Draws attention (Tradeshow booths, Bars, Clubs, ect)
  • Rear projection displays (when frosted)
  • Holographic displays (when clear)


electric glass

The Many Uses

Electric privacy glass has many uses that range from medical to industrial and churches to strip clubs. Screen Solutions provides you with a turnkey package that replaces your existing glass and turns it into Electric glass.

This instant on instant off electric switchable glass can be switched many ways from standard switches to timers and built into home or building automation systems to maximize the energy saving benefits of electric glass

Your Screen Solutions representative will walk you through the process for anything from dreaming up concepts to finished electric glass solutions that are ready to ship and install.

Electric Glass Tech Specs

  • Maximum Width - 39"
  • Maximum Length - 144"
  • Switching time - APROX 1ms 
  • Custom Sizes avalible

Electric Glass Options

  • Can be used with glass or polycarbonate panels
  • No maximum thickness
  • Minimum thickness required (glass) 5/16"
  • minimum thickness required (Polycarbonate) 1/16"

 Electric Glass Power Requirements

  • Power required - 120V AC /60Hz
  • Energy Consumption -
  • Frosted - O watts
  • Clear - 3-5 Watts per Sq Meter