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Mobile Presenter

table top display - tradeshow screen - mobile presenter kitScreen Solutions Mobile Presenter is a complete system for on the road presentations and is perfect for tradeshow use. 


tale top display shipping box - tradeshow screem shipping caseThe mobile presenter kit comes in a shippable box and can be sent with standard carries and most airlines, This box come with a built in handle for easy carrying and is built to last  

Light weight 

The mobile presenter table top displays are light weight and comes with a custom carrying bag with a strap for ease of use and carrying in and out of shows. This custom bag is in addition to your shipping box and is included in your purchase soft case for table top display - tradeshow screen


The Mobile presenter kit bridges the gap between printed and static graphics. the side panels on our system can be left blank or fitted with your custom graphics that tie in your message and bring with your digital or interactive content

Made for you

Mobile presenter kits are made and designed around you and can be ordered with any Screen Solutions front or rear projection screens 

Standard sizes

mobile presenter kit - table top displays - trade show screensWe offer mobile presenter kits in the following sizes *custom sizes available upon request

35" 4:3 format or 16:9

42" 4:3 format or 16:9

50" 4:3 format or 16:9  

Go Interactive 

Take your content to the next level and turn your Mobile presenter kit into a interactive display with the Interactive Presenter