Reflection Front Projection Screen

Keep the lights on without losing your picture! Reflection™ is specifically designed to work in high ambient light and even outdoors due to its breakthrough solid core projection surface.

Reflection™ is designed to give you true 180 degree viewing angles, perfect color representation, and 100% clarity without hot spot everytime. You can use it with home theater projectors, ultra short throw projectors or even built into set design with 10,000+ Lumens.

Step out of the world of fabric, vinyl, plastic and painted walls and into the next generation solution of front projection systems. The difference is a maximum durability, greater visibility, higher quality and versatility that the competition can’t touch.

See the Reflection front projection screen in action Technical specifications for the Reflection front screen. Where to buy the Reflection front screen.
Reflection front screen

Rising above the limits and uses of other front projection screens the Reflection front screen creates new avenues locations and possibilities for front projection screens and pro display applications… shopping malls, subways, transit stations, airports, theaters, industrial and class rooms.

Download Reflection Tech Specs Sheet

Technical Specifications

Peak-Gain 3
Viewing Angle 180°
Screen Color White
Reflection of light 80%
Contrast No Added Contrast
Thickness, standard 3 mm (1.125")
Maximum Size 78" x 118"
Screen Finishes Matte
Custom sizes available  

Standard Screen Sizes

Screen Size
4:3 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
16:9 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
35” 21 x 28 30.5 x 17.2
50” 40 x 30 43.6 x 24.5
67” 53.6 x 40.2 58.4 x 32.8
84” 67.2 x 50.4 73.2 x 41.2
100” 80 x 60 87.2 x 49.0
120” 96 x 72 104.6 x 58.8
133" 106.4 x 79.8 115.9 x 65.2
138" - 120.0 x 67.7

*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-792-6104 for details.

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