Electric Glass Film

Switchable glass film

Electric Glass switchable Privacy Film product includes adhesive and is ready to apply to existing glass or polycarbonate surfaces.  Privacy in an instant is easy, efficent and cutting edge! Switchable Electric Film gives you the option to turn your existing glass from white, to clear, and back again with the flip of a switch.  Film sizes are large enough to cover most standard glass panes.

Simply clean the application surface, apply Electric Film, and smooth.  Basic wiring techniques are all that is required.   Positive and negative contacts are soldered directly to the copper tape on the Film itself.  Test the Film by plugging into any 110v outlet.  Once the test is successful, proceed to wire Film to the switching device of your choice.

Use your Electric Glass Film as a Digital Display!  Take the extraordinary a step further by using any standard Projector to create a Holographic Projection Screen (on clear FIlm surface) as a more standard Projection Surface with higher resolution and image depth (on white Film surface.) Every square inch of Film can be used as a Projection Screen regardless of angle of projection.

For more detailed information and specifications, please call us Toll Free at 888-631-5880, or use our Contact Form for online questions.

*Adhesive Electric Glass Film can be installed as a DIY, or professionally installed by Screen Solutions Int., or by a certified installer worldwide.

Adhesive Electric Glass Privacy Film Product Details and Specifications:

  • Maximum Width: 49"
  • Maximum Length: 120"
  • Maximum Thickness: N/A
  • Minimum Glass Thickness: N/A
  • Can be Tiled?: YES
  • Low Voltage Option?: YES
  • Color Option?YES, White or Grey
  • Can be used as a Projection Screen?YES



Electric Glass Switchable Privacy Film Q&A

Can I apply Adhesive Electric Glass Film to any glass?  There is no glass unsuitable for application of Adhesive Switchable Film.  However, to utilize the full impact and capability of Switchable Film, it is recommended that you use clear glass and not tinted. For safety reasons, Screen Solutions recommends tempered glass.

How is the Electric Glass Film installed?  Adhesive Switchable Film is installed similar to an adhesive graphic and should be installed from one edge to the other in a slow steady application. Please see our Adhesive Switchable Film Installation Guide for more information and instructions.

It is often easier to install Adhesive Switchable Film on existing vertical glass.  Installing Electric Glass Film on a horizontal surface in a non-sterile environment may allow particulates to be trapped between the Switchable Film and the glass.

Be sure to clean application surface thoroughly prior to installation procedure.  Be sure to remove heavy debris, residue, and anything that may cause even the slightest bump in the Film. 

Although Adhesive Switchable Film can be applied as a DIY project, you may opt to have your Film professionally installed.  Please consult with Screen Solutions for a professional installer in your area.  Screen Solutions offers professional installation worldwide.  

*Please Note:  Screen Solutions is not responsible for product damage or loss due to improper installation of Adhesive Electric Glass Film.  Please consult with a local licensed electrician who is familiar with local codes and electrical standards.  Please follow all laws regarding installation of electrical devices.

How is Adhesive Electric Glass Film wired to power?  Similar to any other electrical device. Positive and negative contacts are soldered directly to copper tape on the Film. Test connection by plugging into any 110v outlet.  Once the test is successful, proceed to wire Film to the switching device of your choice.   

Please follow all local and federal building codes when installing your Film and performing electrical wiring connections.

How does Adhesive Switchable Film ship?  Electric Glass Film is shipped in a wooden crate. Please see Shipping Tab for detailed information on shipping procedures and transit options.

What is the warranty on Adhesive Electric Glass Film?  Adhesive Electric Glass Film carries a (1) year limited warranty on manufacturer defects.  Switchable Film life is approximately 50,000 switches from white to clear, or in reverse.

How clear is Adhesive Electric Glass Film?  Switchable Film is clear enough to see through with minimal distortion.  It is approximately 97%+/- transparent when power is applied to the Film and most people will not notice the Film when it is transparent. 

How fast does the Switchable Film change from white to clear?  The change from white to clear is nearly instant.  There is a half second delay in the change from clear to white. 



Adhesive Electric Glass Switcahble Film Crate

Electric Glass Switchable Privacy Film Shipping 

Depending upon size, Adhesive Electric Glass Film ships in flat wooden crates or large cardboard tubes.  Screen Solutions recommends trasporting Electric Glass Film to install location in its' original shipping enclosure.  

Upon removing product from crate or package, it is very important that Switchable Film be handled with care - although resilient, it is high-end technology and should be treated as such.  

Adhesive Switchable Film should not be bent or creased as this will potentiall damage your Switchable Film and void your warranty.


Electric Glass Switchable Privacy Film Accessories 


Touch Screen: If you wish to use your adhesive electric film as an interactive display you will want to incorporate our Infrared Touch Frame Technology on the surface you wish to touch. When using a touch frame with your adhesive switchable film you will need to use a digital projector for the image portion of your display.

Remote Switch: Integrating a remote switch will put the power of the transformation in your hand, a remote switch with your electric glass film will make your electric glass project even more impressive and effective. 

Projector: Although any projector will work with your adhesive electric glass film, we have a select few that we recommend for use with switchable film for many reasons. If you have questions regarding projectors or any other questions relating to switchable film please call or email, we are standing by to assist.

Professional Installation Services: Screen Solutions will install your adhesive switchable film with excellence and the professional touch, whether in the United States or abroad we can provide the finishing touches to your switchable film project with electric glass professional installation services.  

*Please Note: Screen Solutions is not responsible for product damage or loss due to improper installation of adhesive electric glass film. Please consult with a local licensed electrician who is familiar with local codes and electrical standards; please follow all laws regarding installation of electrical devices.

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