Electric Glass

switchable privacy glass

privacy glass switchable

Laminated and sealed between two pieces of glass, this product is finished and ready to install. Electric Glass can be retro-fitted into exisitng window frames or specified for new construction and custom projects.

Privacy at the flip of a switch!  Easy, efficient, and cutting-edge!  Electric Glass gives you the flexibility to turn your glass from opaque white, to clear, and back again. 

Our finished Electric Glass can also be projected on with standard Projectors and made interactive with our Touch Frames for one of a kind Interactive Displays.

Commom Uses Are

  • Boardrooms 
  • Medical Facilities 
  • Conference Rooms 
  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Training Rooms 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Educational 
  • Home Use 
  • Set Design



Electric Glass Specifications 

  • Maximum Width: 60"
  • Maximum Length: 120"
  • Can be Tiled?: YES
  • Low Voltage Option?: YES
  • Color Option: White, Grey 
  • Can be used as a Projection Screen?: YES



Electric Glass Q&A

What is Finished Electric Glass?  Electric Glass is a liquid crystal Film that is safely laminated between two layers of glass or polycarbonate.

Is Electric Glass waterproof?  Yes.  Our finished Electric Glass is fully sealed so it can be used in exterior applications or under humid conditions, such as bathrooms.

Can multiple pieces of Film be encased in glass for a larger width?  Yes.  Multiple pieces of Film can be tiled together in one larger piece of glass.

How is Finished Electric Glass installed?  Your Electric Glass order will be made to your exact size specifications.  Your glazing contractor will install the finished Electric Glass in your new or existing window frame system. 

How is Electric glass wired?  Wiring connections will need to be made to each individual piece of electric glass that you install.  Install Electric Glass as you would any other glass and in most cases your wiring connections can be integrated inside the window frame system or channel.

Who can install finished Electric Glass?  In most cases it is recommended that a glazing contractor install your finished Electric Glass as finished electric glass is quite heavy.  Glass contractors are prepared for this challenge and can accommodate even the largest Electric Glass sizes we offer.  *Please Note: Screen Solutions is not responsible for product damage or loss due to improper installation of finished Electric Glass.  Please consult with a local licensed electrician who is familiar with local codes and electrical standards.  Please follow all laws regarding installation of electrical devices.

Can multiple pieces of Electric Glass be used next to each other?  Yes.  In many cases two or more panels of Electric Glass are placed side by side to create large privacy walls. Finished Electric Glass can be custom fabricated to your specifications in order to acheive the privacy you desire.

What is the lead time on finished Electric Glass?  Standard lead time on finished Electric Glass orders is 5-6 weeks on average.  We make every effort to move orders through the production phase as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards of quality.

 A sign-off drawing will be provided and strictly followed through the production.  Once an order has been started it cannot be altered without incurring additional costs.

How can I get a quote on my Electric Glass project?  To have your Electric Glass project quoted please forward elevation drawings or cut size requirements to us at quote@ssidisplays.com.  Please contact a Screen Solutions representative for more information on Electric Glass, specific ordering requirements, and lead times for your project.

Please include a copy of your drawings along with your contact information, project timeline requirements, and any questions that you may have. 

Your project information can also be uploaded to our secure webserver through our “Designed For You” page.  Simply complete the required fields and upload your drawings or plans and we will contact you to request additional information if needed in order to reply with a quote.

How much electricity does Electric Glass consume?  Finished Electric Glass consumes very little power when in the clear state and even less when frosted.

~ 2-5 Watts per sq. meter when in clear state

~ 0 Watts when in frosted state

What is the warranty on finished Electric Glass?  Standard manufacturers warranty on finished Electric Glass is (1) year from date of delivery.  This is a limited warranty and covers manufacture defects.  Should you wish to purchase additional warranty coverage or extended warranty,  please contact a Screen Solutions representative for more information and details. 

Can Electric Glass be made with bulletproof glass?  Yes.  Finished Electric Glass can be made with bulletproof glass and delivered to you ready to install.  We do not publish public information on bullet proof Electric Glass and ask interested parties to contact our offices for more information on custom projects with bulletproof glass requirements.

Is finished Electric Glass completely clear when power is applied?  Electric Glass is nearly transparent.  The Haze Range is approximately 5-10% dependent upon type and thickness of substrate used. 

Because finished Electric Glass is typically manufactured with minimal or no clear edge, most people would never know the difference between standard glass and finished Electric Glass panes.

What thickness is finished Electric Glass available in?  Minimum thickness requirements for electric glass are as follows –

5/16” minimum overall thickness

7/16” average overall thickness

No maximum thickness requirements

Please consult with your Screen Solutions representative for more information or details regarding electric glass thickness and ordering requirements.

How do I clean finished Electric Glass?  Electric Glass is cleaned similar to any other glass product on the market and you should follow standard practices.  Keep heavy solvents away form laminated edges and avoid excessive pooling at base of glass.

Can I install finished Electric Glass in my existing windows?  Yes.  Finished Electric Glass can be installed in your existing windows if your glass is removable and your frame can accommodate the minimum thickness requirements of 5/1."  If your existing glass is not removable or you cannot accommodate a minimum of 5/16” replacement glass, please consider installing our adhesive switchable Film over existing glass.
For more information please contact a Screen Solutions representative for more information and details.

Can finished Electric Glass be installed in doors?  Yes.  Electric Glass can be installed in doors.  We offer both integration and commercial door configurations for your use.  Please see detailed information on our Electric Glass door specification sheets.

Does finished Electric Glass block UV?  Yes.  Electric Glass will block  98% +/- of UV (ultra violet rays).



electric glass Crate

Electric Glass Shipping 

Finished Electric Glass Panels can be ship via freight carrier in the Continental United States, Canada and parts of South America.  All other global destinations will be shipped via airfreight or sea freight depending on time frame requirements and cost association.  Electric Glass is both heavy and bulky and shipping can be standard or expedited base on your requirements and or budget.

Finished Electric Glass ships in a wooden crate and is typically palletized for safe transport. Because it is glass, fragile and expensive we recommend that you ship with our recommended carriers, however you may provide your own freight company if desired.

Finished Electric Glass is heavy and you will need either a loading dock with lift cart or forklift to prepare for your electric glass shipment. Please use extreme caution as you are transporting your electric glass from the truck to the installation site.

Most Economical Shipping Method is Freight Ground, we also offer the following:

  • Ground Expedited
  • Express
  • Priority
  • International
  • International Express

For shipping questions regarding your electric glass order please call our office Toll Free at 888-631-5880 and speak with a team member or email us at ssisales@ssidisplays.com.


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